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AlohaSpirit - das Original

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Hawaii Wallpaper

jump direct to : hookipa | jaws | paia | sprecks | camp one | kanaha | upcountry
volcano | diamond head | sunset beach | kauai

The aloha spirit is all about respect and good common sence. Surfing on the hawaiian island is probably one of the the greatest experiences in your life. Here on maui, you are right next to all the pro´s and locals, even as a beginner. With respect to our nature and the folks around, you are welcome anywhere.

Aloha & Mahalo

( surfing | windsurfing , pro's )

See the perfect sets coming in. Left hand pavillions.
Thanks to our pilot Ralf.

On a medium day.

Ahhh, thats what you wanna see coming here ...

Maxim, our actor during wintertimes.

Whats that ? Our famous shower and mascot ( up in the tree ).

( surfing | windsurfing , strictly pro's )

NEW: JAWS Video fo modem, taken by the AlohaSprit Crew
NEW: JAWS Video fo DSL, taken by the AlohaSprit Crew
NEW: JAWS X Video fo modem, taken by the AlohaSprit Crew
NEW: JAWS X Video fo DSL, taken by the AlohaSprit Crew

Greatest spot on earth, and its right here.
Thanks to our pilot Ralf.

Pe'ahi ( aka Jaws ), THE spot. No road, not on any map. Our best kept secret on da island.
On local advise only.

( surfing | bodyboarding )

Great ohana ( family ) spot & some bodyboarding, few surfing.
Cool place for BBQ & relaxing.
Thanks to our pilot Ralf.

Paia, the surfers village. See our famous local shops, like
Maui Built, High Tec, Maui Project, Da Kine.

( windsurfing, advanced )

Short waves, ramps: greatest spot for jumping.
Thanks to our pilot Ralf.

( windsurfing, advanced )

Somehow hard to find spot. Short, hard ramps Thanks to our pilot Ralf.
In the backyards of maui, u find lots'a things from recent hawaiian(? ...) history.
This piece of interest just 20 yards from the beach is NOT thanks to our pilot Ralf.....

( windsurfing, kite, all )

Great spot for everybody, beginner to freestyler. The reef is 500 yards
from the beach, so u got plenty of time to prepare for da ride !

( lots a dirt bike action goin )

Yes, thats true. We have a real upcountry scene here - lots a cowboys
and traditional events.

( better stay away ... )

Only 60 miles from maui on big island.Our active volcano.
See the smoke and red lava going down the coast.
Thanks to our pilot Ralf.

( windsurfing, advanced )

Famous spot on Oahu. Only spot on da hawaiian island for left hand winds.

( surfing, few windsurfing, advanced to pro )

Dawnpatrolling the birthplace of surfing. Tracking down to early the 1900's .
A must see&be for surfers.

Ka Ulu A Paoa Heiau
( jungle hiking | jus' relax)

Enjoy this greatest spot for sunsets on the world.
Share this aloha spirit with your loved one.

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